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How to choose treadmill for home?


Have you ever thought what is better to choose: a treadmill, an elliptical or an exercise bike? If you are looking for a way to train at home, in a comfortable environment, fitness equipment is what you need, because you can start a workout at any convenient time.

When choosing a simulator, it is important to think about goals, as this will affect the choice. People buy exercise equipment to lose weight and maintain muscle tone. If you want to lose weight, a treadmill or an elliptical trainer is what you need, because they will help burn more calories than an exercise bike. Therefore, it is important to choose a simulator for the purpose.

About treadmills 

Treadmill - it burns calories with a bang, because on average 65 calories are consumed per kilometer. The simulator increases the speed and endurance of the athlete. For productivity, we recommend combining different speeds and inclines to get the illusion of sprinting on flat ground or running over rough terrain. Treadmills offer a set of programs that allow you to achieve the desired results. Owners of heart rate monitors can synchronize the device with the treadmill so that the training program automatically adapts to the runner’s heart rate.

About the elliptical trainer 

An elliptical trainer is an option for those who want to train the body. The simulator works on 80% of the muscles of the body, including the buttocks, back, biceps and other muscles. As for burning calories, when training, it is better to fix the hands on the flywheel (handles coming from the pedals). Increasing the amplitude of hand movements will allow you to spend more calories. An elliptical trainer is a way to increase endurance, which is suitable for both athletes and beginner athletes. Choosing a different degree of resistance, you can train even to exhaustion, without exerting excessive stress on the joints. If the treadmill is a test for the joints (especially if unsuitable shoes are used), then the elliptical trainer is a safe solution, because the leg does not come off the platform. Holding the handles at the monitor, the back is strengthened and excess muscle tension is avoided.

About exercise bikes 

Exercise bikes are worth a look at those who want to improve physical fitness and endurance. Exercise bikes will help burn calories, but they are not as effective for weight loss as a treadmill or an elliptical trainer, because the exercise bike works on the muscles of the legs.

Other simulators 

Treadmills, ellipticals and exercise bikes are popular options for people who want to train at home, but it is worth recalling alternatives. These include: a rowing machine, which is suitable for those who like intense workouts, as well as mini-steppers and a home exercise bike. 


Treadmills, ellipticals and exercise bikes open the door to the world of fitness. They are designed for cardio training, reduce cardiovascular and respiratory diseases. By choosing a simulator for your goals, you can achieve results without leaving your home.

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