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Yoga block is universal assistant


Those who practice yoga are aware of the importance of a number of additions to training. Often used rugs, belts, coasters under the knee. And there is also such a working accessory as a yoga unit. Thinking about whether to put it into practice? Want to know what yoga class bricks provide? Let’s deal with this issue together.

Blocks, or bricks, cubes, for yoga are called universal accessories that come to the rescue in many situations. The name comes from the shape of the product - a hexagonal box, which, by the way, is characterized by lightness and stability. The sizes of blocks are usually standard: 21-23x11-12x6-7 cm (LxWxH). If the need arises, you can search for models of larger sizes. Buy cubes for yoga today can be made from different materials. The most popular are:

  • wood. Made from pine, alder and other species. The surface can be simply sanded, with additional impregnation or varnish. Of the advantages, it should be noted the sufficient density of the material, the ability to use in complex power practices. Of the minuses: significant weight, plus in the absence of processing the probability of driving a splinter.
  • пробка. Изготавливаются такие блоки путем уплотнения и проклеивания частичек натуральной пробки. Так обеспечивается значительная плотность (жесткость) изделия, что мега значимо для различных практик. Еще один плюс, который нельзя оставлять без внимания – хорошее сцепление, не скольжение рук. Минус тот же, что и в предыдущем варианте – большая масса.
  •  EVA foam. The most popular yoga blocks to date, because they are versatile and practical. May have a different density, as well as a level of softness / hardness. They are characterized by more comfortable forms (for example, with recesses for the hands). Do not cause difficulties when carrying, as it is very light. Grip well with palms. And also, unlike wood and cork, this material allows you to create blocks of a wide variety of designs and colors, which is also important for the general atmosphere. The disadvantages are, with so many advantages, excluded. Unless, one can attribute here that the products cannot be left for a long time under the sun, otherwise damage to the structure is possible.

The main functions of yoga blocks 

Before you buy a yoga unit, you need to find out why it might be needed. Well, to the point! 

Main functions:

  • increased flexibility. These accessories promote balance, thereby making the body more flexible. Even if a person does not have enough flexibility to perform a particular asana, he can conquer it with the help of a block; 
  • implementation of support. With the help of a brick, you can support the head and neck, taking the necessary positions while lying, sitting and standing. Thanks to him, various poses work better and last longer. His support for overweight is invaluable;
  •  ensuring balance. Help with balancing is extremely important, especially in standing and sitting poses, as well as squats. The block contributes to the correct determination of the center of gravity, balances the position and facilitates the maintenance of balance (for example, with asanas on one leg); 
  • extension of the position and increase comfort during it. As flexibility increases and support is realized at the same time, a certain position can be held for a longer time without feeling discomfort.

The support block for yoga is an indispensable thing for beginners and those who have been practicing for a long time, a useful accessory, regardless of the level of training. It is a reliable support, compensates for the lack of stretching, improves the balance of the body and increases comfort in training. It can be used in various positions, and in especially advanced it will serve as an excellent extension of the hands. With it, maximum return on exercise and safety are guaranteed.

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