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Choosing the right rug 

So, products in this category are different. 

The main types of karemat are as follows: 

  • inflatable; 
  • self-inflating; 
  • from felt; 
  • made of foamed polyethylene. 

They can take the form of a sheet or a roll, consist of a different number of layers (single and multi-layer models), be made in different color options. All of them, as far as possible, are light, aesthetic and practical, but, of course, have significant differences that must be taken into account when buying. Let's figure out the nuances.

Tourist inflatable rugs come from the USSR. A few decades ago, they were indispensable hiking attributes, despite significant shortcomings (they can be blown away at the wrong time, they do not differ in special strength and practicality). Now they have changed somewhat, in particular, are made from the best materials. Nevertheless, they are not too suitable for a hike. But for the beach this is a very good option.

Self-inflating (self-inflating) karemat - approximately from the same category as the previous ones. They are comfortable to sleep on, but they are heavy (carrying them along with other camping things is not so simple). In addition, they need special care, and in winter, the self-inflating system is threatened by low temperatures, which is fraught with its failure.

Nowadays, felt products are practically not used, again in view of the increased weight, quick wetting and complicated drying. 

Quite a different thing - karemat made of foam (foamed polyethylene, insulone). It is for them that there is the greatest demand today. They can consist of bubbles of different sizes (thermal insulation depends on this), they can be supplemented with foil on the one hand. And the list of their advantages is beyond competition: the best thermal insulation properties, versatility, strength, lightness, accessibility, wide temperature range of use, resistance to cuts and punctures ...

 You can dwell on any of the options described, but believe me, if you choose an isolon mat for a trip, you will be satisfied with the decision as much as possible.

By the way, in addition to the material, we recommend taking into account the thickness, size and weight. Design is up to you. 

A few tips for choosing a karemat: 

  • the greater the thickness - the longer the operational period; 
  • double models - for sleeping in double tents; 
  • less weight means easier transportation; darker colors better accumulate and retain daylight in the sun.

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